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Mario Lerchenberger lets his extraordinary tenor voice be heard once again in his last Graz premiere: An incredibly natural and healthy-sounding voice.

(Kleine Zeitung, 15.1.2024, Eötvös: "Schlaflos", Graz Opera)


The central couple of the evening was embodied by Tetiana Miyus and Mario Lerchenberger and both were in absolute top form at this premiere. The acting was great dramatic cinema, you couldn't help but root for the two characters - even when they commit morally dubious acts. Lerchenberger portrayed Asle with a particularly radiant tenor in the high register, always impressing with great clarity of expression, elegant phrasing and multi-layered tone colours that made the character's emotional state tangible.

(Bachtrack, 15.1.2024, Eötvös: "Schlaflos", Graz Opera)


She was partnered by Mario Lerchenberger (Asle), whose bright tenor suited the youthful anti-hero.

(Salzburger Nachrichten, 15.1.2024, Eötvös: "Schlaflos", Graz Opera)


Her equal is Mario Lerchenberger as Asle - he plays the young man desperately and without perspective, but also gives the role a tender glimmer of hope with his strong, bright tenor.

(Kronen Zeitung, 15.1.2024, Eötvös: "Schlaflos", Graz Opera)


Mario Lerchenberger is the angry, young, ambivalent Asle with radiant top notes.

(Kurier, 15.1.2024, Eötvös: "Schlaflos", Graz Opera)


A brilliant and convincing ensemble of singers completes the success. The soprano Tetiana Miyus as Alida and the tenor Mario Lerchenberger as Asle form an ideal pair.

(FAZ, 16.1.2024, Eötvös: "Sleepless", Graz Opera)

Mario Lerchenberger's voice has gained noticeably in substance in recent months; his now somewhat darkened tenor also seems to feel very comfortable in the Italian repertoire and so he was fully convincing as the lyrically radiant Macduff.

(Bachtrack, 29.11.2023, Verdi: "Macbeth“, Graz Opera)


Mario Lerchenberger plays the role of Macduff with a radiant tenor, providing bright highlights within the "dark" world of Macbeth.

(Heidemarie Klabacher, 29.11.2023, Verdi: "Macbeth“, Graz Opera)


Mario Lerchenberger as Macduff showed that he is apparently at home in all disciplines - he sang his unfortunately much too small role with fine nuances and a brilliant tone.

(Martin Exner, 28.11.2023, Verdi: "Macbeth“, Graz Opera)


Mario Lerchenberger's voice has undergone an extremely pleasing development in recent years and he now seems to have really arrived in the Italian repertoire with the role of Macduff. His tenor, which has become more voluminous, flows beautifully through the role and sets brilliant highlights with its radiant high notes and lyrical timbre.

(, 27.11.2023, Verdi: "Macbeth“, Graz Opera)


Mario Lerchenberger gave a remarkable Macduff full of tenoral power and clarity.

(Kronen Zeitung, 27.11.2023, Verdi: "Macbeth“, Graz Opera)

The Carinthian tenor Mario Lerchenberger, a member of the Graz Opera House ensemble, is convincing in the demanding tenor part, giving "Ingemisco" both intimacy and stature.

(, 5.11.2023, Verdi: "Messa da Requiem", on 4.11.2023, Berlin Cathedral)


Among the soloists, Mario Lerchenberger stood out above all as the busy Evangelist with a clear, bright, treble-assured tenor. He was just as articulate as Wilfried Zelinka, who impressed as Jesus.

(Kleine Zeitung, 7.4.2023, Bach: "St. John's Passion" on 5.4.2023, Konzerthaus Klagenfurt)

Stunning Mario Lerchenberger, who knows how to use his tenor, endowed with a powerful mellifluousness, with flawless breathing technique, legato culture and intensive text interpretation.

(Kleine Zeitung, 14.2.2023, Charity concert on 12.2.2023, Florentinersaal, Graz)

Mario Lerchenberger fascinates as her [Marie's] lover Hans with a slender, bright, touching tenor.

(Kurier, 9.1.2023, Smetana: "The bartered bride“, Graz Opera)

Mario Lerchenberger as Hans [...]. A bright, powerful, agile tenor with charisma.

(, 9.1.2023, Smetana: "The bartered bride“, Graz Opera)

The young Carinthian tenor Mario Lerchenberger, who had already swept me off my feet in the small role of the Steuermann in the "Fliegender Holländer", and now, as expected, once again became a vocal revelation. Already the biographical note in the programme booklet: "... studied singing, lied, oratorio and conducting at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz. He has performed as a conductor and singer on international stages. Since 2021/22 in the ensemble of the Graz Opera" - led one to expect a lot, and the musicality of the young singer declared herewith could not be overheard. And the natural ease with which he sang beautifully in all registers and volumes gave rise to joy and much expectation for the future.

(Der Neue Merker, 01.2023, Smetana, "The bartered bride“, Graz Opera)

In the unfortunately very short part of Loge, Mario Lerchenberger shines with his beautiful, bright and powerful tenor and exactly captures the character of this deceptive, almost mischievous god. He, too, had already been heard the previous evening in the "Holländer" as the Steuermann.

(, 8.6.2022, Wagner: "The Ring in one evening", Graz Opera)


An equally great performance was given by Mario Lerchenberger, who attracted attention with his bright, powerful tenor as the Steuermann. Both tenors, who were rightly cheered by the audience in the final applause, can indeed be considered luxury casting in their respective roles.

(, 2.6.2022 - Wagner: "The Flying Dutchman", Graz Opera)

Or, a permanent member of the ensemble since this season Mario Lerchenberger, almost over-cast as the Steuermann with his impressive legato culture and fine piano in the high register.

(, June 2022 - Wagner: "The Flying Dutchman", Opera Graz)

The young tenor Mario Lerchenberger has a radiantly bright voice. Thanks to phenomenal technique and fine legato, he effortlessly manages to hold his own on board the storm-tossed ship above the mightily roaring orchestra. Admirable, too, his increasing horror when he has to witness how Senta, whom he secretly adores, is sold by her father to the Dutchman. A tenor with a convincing performance and a future, who is celebrated accordingly during the final applause.

(, 2.5.2022 - Wagner: "The Flying Dutchman", Graz Opera)

Phenomenally well one hears the young Mario Lerchenberger as Steuermann with bright height, who thus already offers himself for many further roles and houses.

(, 2.5.2022 - Wagner: "The Flying Dutchman", Opera Graz)

There was jubilation for Mario Lerchenberger, the shining light - vocally and dramatically - for his Steuermann. He was the highlight of the vocal performances that otherwise could be summarized under "respectable".

(, 26.4.2022 - Wagner: "The Flying Dutchman", Opera Graz)

A very rounded performance was also offered by Mario Lerchenberger, who soared effortlessly above the orchestra in the small role of the Steuermann with his bright tenor and was able to demonstrate excellent technique in elegantly shaped legato bows.

(, 25.4.2022 - Wagner: "The Flying Dutchman", Opera Graz)

Mario Lerchenberger is a bright, resilient tenor as the Steuermann.

(, 25.4.2022 - Wagner: "The Flying Dutchman", Opera Graz)

His [Daland's] Steuermann was Mario Lerchenberger, who - originally coming from the opera studio - has developed tremendously gratifyingly. He shaped the part magnificently - the bravos for him at the final curtains were numerous and highly deserved.

(, 24.4.2022 - Wagner: "The Flying Dutchman", Opera Graz)

The two tenors in the supporting roles sing strongest: [...] Mario Lerchenberger [is] a stunningly good, Bayreuth-ready Steuermann.

(, 24.4.2022 - Wagner: "The Flying Dutchman", Opera Graz)

As for the singing, it is the tenors who save the evening: Mario Lerchenberger is an outstanding helmsman, [...]

(, 24.4.2022 - Wagner: "The Flying Dutchman", Opera Graz)

Thus Mario Lerchenberger was an evangelist who impressed with all facets, with heartfelt melismas as well as with powerful access.

(Kleine Zeitung, 4.4.2022 - Bach: "St. John Passion", Dommusik Graz)


Mario Lerchenberger interpreted the "roasted swan" effortlessly, even for a tenor hardly singable in the high register.

(, 20.7.2021 - Orff: "Carmina Burana", styriarte)


Mario Lerchenberger was equally an event as Jaquino. With a warm, lyrical, noble-sounding tenor - as if made for Mozart - he, as the youngest in the ensemble, created his role with great commitment and mastery.

(, 28.8.2020 - Beethoven: "Fidelio", Schlossbergbühne Kasematten Graz)

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